EdifyMed App FAQ’s

Content quality

How is the content curated and is the content qualified?
At Edify Medical we provide quality, peer-reviewed educational content from leading professionals and healthcare providers. We do not create content at Edify Medical instead we share content that has been created by qualified medical professional partners. This content then goes through a clinical review process before it appears on our site.


Can I select multiple clinical areas?
Yes, please go into your profile and add additional clinical areas

Do you record Continued Professional Development (CPD) points?
Yes, all the videos you watch are recorded and a list can be emailed to you.

Can I become and Author?
Yes, we are looking for content partners please
click here for more information

Language & Translations

Can I switch between languages?
Yes, you can easily switch between languages by clicking on the language icon (the globe). You can also set your default language in your profile.

How accurate are your translations.
Our translations undergo a rigorous translation process by medical professionals and are not approved to appear on the app until approved by an expert clinician. This clinician speaks and educates in that language to ensure the accuracy is the highest medical standard.

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